Blues rock / Alt. Folk / Psychedelic

Try to close your eyes: the smell of stagnant rust, the coolness of freshly cut grass, the sent of food getting cold on the windowsill, subtle wind shear at sunset that blows away the last moments of a summery day... Far away, you'd hear a steam locomotive relentlessly riding, then an hypnotic melody of a drum band: the dust rises up, feet tapping like a lucky charm... who is the charmer?

That's Caboose, with their bucolic, raw, breathless sound that wrap around the air and recalls still summer evenings interrupted by tribal dances and voodoo rituals.
Louis DeCicco (guitar, voice) and Carlo Corso (drums, percussions) are a talented power-duo that draws the audience with an energetic mix of roots blues, tribal rythms, spoken word. 

After selling more than 400 CDs and having played over 50 concerts in 2018,
in January 2019 they will be participating in the International Blues Challenge, the worldwide event dedicated to new blues talents held in Memphis, touring Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana. In the same year are going to release their new cd "Hinterland Blues". 

Officina Papyrus

Louis DeCicco_ voice, slide guitar
Carlo Corso_ drums, percussions


video_@Vas Nicol
photo_ @Pierluigi Muscolino