To celebrate the premiere of the short film FRZNTE we are putting on a night of fresh treats.

Energy, Ecstasy and Ejaculation.
A gangbang penetration of all your 7 chakras.

14:00 - (I) Widerkunst II (Exhibition)

21:00 - (II) FRZNTE & DJ Kebap Benzin

21:30 - (III) Steroid Ambience Performance

22:30 - (IV) RICH BU$Y B!TCH & DJ CASH (Mafia Sound) Live Show

23:15 - (V) WORLD PREMIERE of FRZNTE The Movie - Directed by Kolbeinn Hugi

23:20 - (VI) FRZNTE Live Show

00:30 - (VII) Pilocka Krach DJ set

Stay sacred.
Keep your secrets.

5€ entry after 21:00